By Laws and Rules

Soccer in Northern West Virginia will be known as a sporting activity where courtesy, common sense, and good sportsmanship prevail. The Youth Board of Directors issue these Rules and Regulations to supplement the current FIFA Laws of the Game and US Youth Soccer rules and are to be followed uniformly. The purpose of these Rules and Procedures is to encourage the playing of youth soccer by providing a uniform and organized standard.

Sportsmanship and fair play is the standard in all instances whether enumerated in a written rule or not. Harassment, abuse, or assault of referees is not to be tolerated; the right of each player, coach, team/club official, parent and spectator to attend games is a privilege that can be lost by inappropriate conduct.

These rules govern all play. Clubs have the right to retain house rules for their In-House providing such rules are consistent and in accord with PA West Soccer and US Youth Soccer rules. All Districts and Divisions have the right to augment the Rules with the approval of the PA West Soccer Youth Board.

PA West Game Rules and Procedures

1. Game Formats and Field Dimensions

Age        Format        Field Size (max/min)     Halves          Ball Size    Goal Size

U13-U18  11 v 11       50-90 yards wide            35 minutes        5              8’ x 24’

                                   100-120 yards long


U11-U12   8 v 8          50 yards wide                  30 minutes       4              7’ x 21’

                                   70-80 yards long


U9-U10     6 v 6          40-45 yards wide             25 minutes      4               6’ x 18’

2. Player Equipment

(a) All players on the field must be attired in matching color uniforms consisting of shorts, jersey (with non conflicting number), socks, shin guards, and legal soccer shoes. The uniform must consist of the club’s official color and name. In case of a color clash, the home team will change. Coaches must wear the apparel of the team they are coaching or a neutral shirt with no identification of another PA West or US Club affiliate.

3. Pre-Game Requirements

(a) Prior to the Start of the Game, Coaches/Managers will provide the following items to the referee:

            1. Original validated roster.

            2. Player passes for all players who are present and for up to three (3) coaches/managers. Players/coaches arriving late must give their passes to the referee/assistant referee before they can enter the game/technical area.

            3. Two (2) properly completed game day rosters.

            4. No official league game shall be played without presentation of the above items.

4. Home/Visiting Team Responsibilities

(a)  Home team is to provide a properly marked playing field of regulation size.

(b)  The fans from both teams are to be on the opposite side from the players and coaches. No one is permitted in the first two yards of the out-of-bounds area which is designated for the assistant referee.

(c) Home team is to provide at least three (3) game balls of proper size, properly inflated.

(d) Home team is to provide regulation size goals, nets and corner flags as required by USYSA Rules.