Roll & Scissor Dribbling Move

Wed, 07/08/2015 - 10:01am -- admin

Begin dribbling the soccer ball at full speed. Be sure to stay on balance during the dribble. If a player is off-balance then it makes the scissors turn move very difficult to complete. Decide which foot to use for the scissors turn move. Base this decision on the position of the defenders and your position relative to the goal. If the defender is shading to the right, use the right foot as the scissor foot and vice versa for the defender on the left side.

Position the soccer ball in the middle of the legs so that a defender cannot guess which direction the scissor turn will take. Remember to keep dribbling at full speed during the scissors turn. Step over and around the soccer ball with right or left leg. It should appear that the soccer player is attempting to kick the ball. However, instead of kicking the ball, the player steps over to other side of the soccer ball.

Move forward with the opposite leg to kick the soccer ball in the opposite direction. The soccer player makes this movement at the same time they are stepping over the soccer ball with the other leg. Be sure to toe the ball with enough of an angle to change the direction of the soccer ball. Plant the non-kicking leg into the ground and move in the direction of the scissor turn.
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