4. Home/Visiting Team Responsibilities

(a)  Home team is to provide a properly marked playing field of regulation size.

(b)  The fans from both teams are to be on the opposite side from the players and coaches. No one is permitted in the first two yards of the out-of-bounds area which is designated for the assistant referee.

(c) Home team is to provide at least three (3) game balls of proper size, properly inflated.

(d) Home team is to provide regulation size goals, nets and corner flags as required by USYSA Rules.

(e) All games are played using a three-man referee team. The Center Referee must be a currently certified USSF referee. Failure to provide a certified referee for a game is a violation and will be handled by the Disciplinary Committee at the District/Division level. Visiting Coach should file the report within 48 hours to the State Office and Divisional/District.

(f) Make-up: If teams are unable to decide upon a make up date, the Age Group Commissioner or District/Division Director will set the date and place if necessary.

(g)  Sunday travel games shall start no earlier than Noon.

(h)  The home team is to contact visiting team no later than the Tuesday evening before the game with time, place, directions, etc. for the upcoming game. Visiting team should contact the home coach if not contacted by the home coach by Wednesday prior to the scheduled game. Should a color conflict arise, at the start of the game, the home team will change.

(i)  Games should be started within 30 minutes of the scheduled starting time. The home team shall notify the Scheduling Commissioner that a game has not been played within the allotted time period minutes of the scheduled starting time.

(k) The visiting team should arrive at least thirty (30) minutes prior to the scheduled start of the game to allow time for check in and instructions from the referees.

(l) Notify the visiting team by phone at least two (2) hours plus travel time prior to the starting time for a cancelled game.

(m)  Both coaches report the game result to the AGC.